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  • About

    Women without Borders (WwB) is an international nonprofit organisation headquartered in Vienna that translates original research into action. Since its inception in 2001, WwB has been strengthening the global female talent pool, building resilience through whole-of-community approaches, and bringing impactful stories to the attention of the world. Our pioneering peacebuilding strategies influence regional, national, and international policy every day.

  • Philosophy

    Women without Borders puts research into practice through community-based strategies that combine theory with grassroots fieldwork. Our governing philosophy is to support and inspire women and communities in the process of moving from victimhood towards agency, the world over.

  • Mission

    Women without Borders is on a mission to Change the World. We work from the bottom up to empower the female leaders of tomorrow at the individual, community, and global levels.

  • Focus

    Women without Borders focuses on Female Leadership, Capacity Building, Gender Based Violence, Cultural Dialogue, and Preventing Violent Extremism.


Edit Schlaffer Recognised as one of the Top 150 Women Who Shake the World

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The MotherSchools Model

Testimonies from India and Indonesia

Events | WwB

Establishing the MotherSchools Global Network

International MotherSchools Training


Mothers MOVE!

Affected and concerned: Mothers Oppose Violent Extremism


A New Security Architecture

Mothers Included; the first line of defence in preventing violent extremism

Press by WwB

Die Wut und das Mitgefühl

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