Women without Borders (WwB) convened new and veteran MotherSchools teachers from Belgium, Sweden, England, Nigeria and Kashmir gathered in Vienna for an international train-the-teacher workshop. WwB held the three-day training to foster an exchange of best practices and help to prepare for new MotherSchools roll-outs in 2016. Women without Borders’ trainers guided the twenty-one participants through the MotherSchools Manual to equip soon-to-be and already established teachers for leading further MotherSchools groups in their communities. This was the first international convergence of MotherSchools representatives, and helped to plant the roots for the growing MotherSchools global network.


Aliya Bashir and Rifat Mohi Ud Din, journalists and Women without Borders project partners in Srinagar / Kashmir

Sumaiya Rather Mohidin and Asiya Nayeem, teachers from Srinagar and future MotherSchools trainers

Community representatives, social workers, and teachers from Luton, UK who will be future trainers in their communities: Sahra Dhirie, Widat Pokun, Ashaa Rafique, Fatima Begum, Nazia Khanoum

Saliha Ben Ali, affected mother, MotherSchools Brussels Teacher and Mobilizer

Najoua Ben Ali, future MotherSchools Trainer

Eight social workers and teachers from Borlänge, Göteborg, Stockholm, and Orebro, Sweden.

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