On 12 May 2023, another MotherSchools North Macedonia cohort graduated, with 54 mothers celebrating their achievements and dedication to safeguarding the next generation and building a safer global community for all of us. The class of 2023 graduates as part of a multi-country project funded by the U.S. Department of State, the fourth round of MotherSchools to be implemented in North Macedonia. Working with our local partner, Pleiades Organization, this iteration took place in Skopje with three groups total, two in Chair and one in Butel. Each of the graduates completed approximately 40 hours of training in PVE (preventing violent extremism), childhood development, security, peacebuilding, and communications.

“It has been an inspiration to learn about how you are taking the lead in your communities and families as role models. And how you’re building networks of confident and competent mothers, investing in yourselves, in your children and your communities.”
– Laura Kropiunigg, Executive Director at Women without Borders, on the occasion of the MotherSchools North Macedonia 2023 Graduation

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