The world order as we know it is in flux. From wars raging on almost every continent to a marked spike in violent extremism, polarisation, and gender-based violence, to global pandemics and climate change, our security architecture is in serious peril and we stand at a critical moment in history.

Yet we also stand on the verge of progress. Dialogue, gender equality, civil society engagement, and investment in prevention efforts are the key ingredients to building stronger, more resilient communities, from the grassroots to the policy levels. Information exchange and innovative ideas are what drive change.

Building on our 20+ years of expertise in security, P/CVE and dialogue, Women without Borders (WwB) is pleased to announce a new policy paper series that will feature commentary and analysis from WwB, experts in the field, practitioners, policymakers, and engaged civil society actors. The series will provide a space for us to collectively reflect on current security challenges, best practices in P/CVE, and to propose solutions or recommendations for policy shapers. 

Our first in the series from our founder and Chair Edit Schlaffer, The War on Women in Afghanistan: A brief reminder that their struggle is still our struggle, looks back not only on the last year and the horrendous set-backs that the women of Afghanistan have had to endure since the fall of Kabul, but also reflects on the last 20 years. Afghanistan’s women have always been the face of the resistance. It’s high time that we engage with the women of Afghanistan on the ground and in exile and bring their voices to the negotiating tables. Read the piece here. 

Please stay tuned for our next policy paper in the coming weeks!