‘Radicalisation Has No Gender’ Symposium

Women without Borders (WwB) travels to the televised symposium ‘Radicalisation Has No Gender’, convened by the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labour, and Social Affairs in Munich on 19 September 2022.

Director of DACH programming, Elisabeth Kasbauer, and Project Manager, Elke Blättel, present WwB’s Parenting for Peace programme in a workshop and panel discussion, highlighting the family as an anchor and mothers and fathers as essential actors in prevention.

Executive Director, Edit Schlaffer, wraps up the event with the Bavarian Minister for Family, Labour, and Social Affairs and two other panellists. They discuss the key takeaways from previous panels and workshops throughout the event and outline challenges faced and how to move forward with including women in the fight against radicalisation.

See the programme here.

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