Women without Borders (WwB) has been implementing its ‘MotherSchools: Parenting for Peace’ programme since 2012 and has reached over two thousand mothers across thirteen countries to date. MotherSchools have been successful in large part due to WwB’s collaboration with local implementing partners (LIPs); with grassroots civil society organisations that are deeply rooted and trusted in their communities.

This short film showcases the close collaboration between Women without Borders and its local implementing partners by drawing on the case study example of Luton, where the first MotherSchools in the UK were successfully implemented.

‘The MotherSchools are no physical buildings; they are a philosophy. Local civil society partners have the access, the trust. Together with them we build up capacity on the local level … Women without Borders wants to change the world, and it starts with each and every individual’. –Edit Schlaffer, Founder at WwB

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