Austrian Federal Chancellery Expert Roundtable

Women without Borders (WwB) Founder and Executive Director Dr. Edit Schlaffer participates in an Expert Roundtable convened by the Austrian Federal Minister for Women and Integration, Dr. Susanne Raab. The roundtable was an opportunity for stakeholders to come together to discuss experiences and ways forward around the integration of women from migrant backgrounds. Other experts included:

-Najwa Duzdar (Vorstand Orient Express)
-Mag. Marie-Luise Krobath-Fuchs (Projektkoordinatorin Beratungsstelle DIVAN)
-Univ.-Prof. Dr. Katharina Pabel (Vorsitzende des Expertenrats für Integration)
– Mag. Hilde Wolf (Klinische Psychologin, Gesundheitspsychologin, Leiterin Frauengesundheitszentrum F.E.M. Süd)

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