On 26 June 2022, the first-ever Belgium FatherSchools participants graduated in a ceremony celebrating their achievements. Paving the way for future generations, the graduating fathers are changing the narrative around fatherhood and parenthood and taking on an active role in the lives of their children to prevent cycles of violence and safeguard their families and communities.

Funded by the U.S. Embassy in Brussels and working in collaboration with our local partner, CEAPIRE, this iteration took place with three groups meeting in Antwerp, Brussels, and Liège. Each of the graduates completed eight workshops, learning about PVE (preventing violent extremism), childhood development, security, peacebuilding, and communications.

“You, the fathers, have an equally important role in the lives of your children and shaping the next generation. I commend your courage and bravery to take the first step in becoming more involved, more present in the lives of your children and your families. Change comes slowly, but it can start with you, because peace starts at home.”
– Laura Kropiunigg, Executive Director of Women without Borders, on the occasion of the FatherSchools Belgium 2022 Graduation

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