Open House Talks with Lubaina Himid and Shadya Karume

This WwB Open House Talks, entitled ‘Shifting Powers meets the Island of Change’, centres on the convergence between female art and women empowerment in Zanzibar. WwB partner H.E. Shadya Karume (former first lady of Zanzibar and founder of the nonprofit ZAYEDESA) and Turner Prize winner Lubaina Himid speak to WwB founder/director Edit Schlaffer about their respective connection to the island of Zanzibar and the pursuit of balancing gender dynamics.


Background to the Island of Change

Africa is facing global challenges: migration, extremism and poverty; but the island of Zanzibar is a place of hope and spirit. Women without Borders, in partnership with Zayedesa, established the MotherSchools to equip families with the confidence and tools necessary to promote peace at home. Overcoming the prevalent silence and taboo that surrounds these sensitive issues, concerned mothers of adolescents came together to discuss their most pressing problems, ranging from domestic violence to violent extremism, and their passion to keep their children safe. The fathers and men on the island have also been included and encouraged to join the change-making efforts in a whole-of-community approach.



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