Women without Borders (WwB) has been implementing its ‘MotherSchools: Parenting for Peace’ Model around the world since 2012. This Model presents a grassroots-level intervention strategy that brings together concerned and affected mothers in an effort to empower and enable them to confront the threat of radicalisation in their homes and communities. MotherSchools strengthen the participants’ individual capacity, capability, and emotional literacy, and heightens their awareness of radical influences. MotherSchools also upgrade existing social services by providing local stakeholders in at-risk regions with the essential structures, tools, and skills to address and counteract extremist ideologies. More than two thousand mothers and teachers have gone through the MotherSchools curriculum since its inception.

MotherSchools have engaged thousands of mothers across three continents since its inception in 2012. This brief testimonial shows Dr. Nazia, who headed the first MotherSchools in the UK, and features inspirational women who are making a difference and are on a mission to change the world.

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