In an effort to heighten awareness of the active role women are playing in restructuring post-revolution Egypt, Women without Borders (WwB) interviewed journalist Shahira Amin on 13 Oct. 2011 in Vienna. In the middle of the Egyptian Revolution, Shahira Amin resigned as Deputy Head of Nile TV live on air in protest of the state television channel’s censorship of the uprising; she did so in solidarity with the young revolutionaries on Tahrir Square. While violent clashes raged just outside her office, Amin was only allowed to report on pro-Mubarak rallies. The revolution in Egypt unleashed the suppressed hopes of the whole region, but now that the dust has settled, Egyptians are faced with one central question: where are the women? They were the symbol of the “New Egypt” in the mass protests on Tahrir Square, but are the subsequent developments in line with women´s continued growing participation in the public and political spheres? Amin gave insights into the current situation in Egypt, analysing the challenges from a female journalist’s point of view.


Sharia Amin

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