Women without Borders (WwB) and the US Embassy in Vienna host a talk with Dr. Oliva M. Espín, Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Gender Studies at Alpen-Adria University, Professor at the Klagenfurt Department of Women’s Studies, and Professor Emeritus of Women’s Studies at San Diego State University on 10 June 2010. Dr. Espín shared her research on gender-based violence in an effort to break the silence around the issue.


Dr. Espín, a Cuba native, specialising in the psychology of Latinas, immigrant and refugee women, women’s sexuality across cultures, and qualitative research methodology. Dr. Espín trained psychotherapists and worked as a feminist therapist for twenty years before coming to San Diego in 1990. She has received a number of awards including the 2001 Distinguished Career Award and publication awards from the Association for Women in Psychology for her book ‘Women Crossing Boundaries: A Psychology of Immigration and Transformations of Sexuality’. She has published articles and books including ‘Refugee Women and their Mental Health’ and ‘Latina Realities: Essays on Healing, Migration, and Sexuality’.

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