As teens transition from high school to the labour force, they must be adequately supported. These decisions are a turning point in their lives and for society as a whole, because these young adults will become the leaders of tomorrow. Intercultural competence and sensitivity are part of the necessary framework to strengthen the young generation for the challenges of personal and professional life. Women without Borders (WwB) organised a conference on 9 Jan. 2013 in Vienna to discuss strategies for young people with a migrant background to take informed approaches deciding their futures. The conference focused on the following questions: Where do teens and especially young women face roadblocks? What measures would be potentially beneficial for aiding these teens? What are the challenges of intercultural career orientation?


Necla Kelek, Social Scientist: ‘Integration through qualification – situation of Muslim girls / women in theory and practice’

Seyran Ates, Lawyer: ‘Transcultural Identity as an Opportunity for Education’

Serap Cileli, Author: ‘The Major Construction Sites of Integration: Language, Education, and the Labour Market!’

Corinna Milborn, Journalist

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