Robi Damelin and Siham Abu Awwad are two mothers who reached out to one another, doing so across the divide of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In due time, they developed a strong bond and formed an alliance. With the stagnating peace process in mind, they embarked on a quest for solutions. Women without Borders (WwB) invited them to join its growing network of Sisters Against Violent Extremism (SAVE network) and invited them to Vienna to share their experiences. They have both witnessed the harsh consequences of the conflict and are determined to find a human solution, as mothers and as women. It is not enough to merely include women in the peace process; they must be among the leaders. As Robi Damelin declared, ‘When I look at women and I see the power that’s never been used, I see this group of SAVE women who could really change the world if they really believe in themselves’.

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