The relationship between Israel and Palestine is marked with a history of pain and violence. In an effort to encourage dialogue between the two sides and lay the groundwork for peaceful coexistence, Women without Borders presented the documentary ‘Encounter Point’ in London on 8 May 2009. The film tells the story of an Israeli settler, a convicted Palestinian fighter, a bereaved Israeli mother, and a wounded Palestinian ex-prisoner who sacrificed their safety, public standing, communities, and homes in order to pursue a grassroots movement for peace between their two peoples. Robi Damelin and Ali Abu Awwad from the Parents Circle-Families Forum spoke after the film about the role of civil society to foster feelings of tolerance in a climate of fear and paranoia.

Robi Damelin, whose son was killed by a Palestinian sniper while serving as a military reservist in Palestinian territories.

Ali Abu Awwad, whose brother was shot and killed by an Israeli solder at a checkpoint at the entrance to their village.

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